Responsible Gaming

Betandreas recognizes the importance of responsible gaming. As a well-regarded casino, it prioritizes player welfare alongside entertainment and ensures a safe, fair, and enjoyable environment. Its strategies include protective measures, setting wagering limits and tools for self-exclusion to support players from Bangladesh, reduce risks and prevent problem gambling.

Responsible Gaming Betandreas

How to detect gaming addiction

Detecting gaming addiction involves examining changes in lifestyle. Warning signs can include spending excessive time gambling the neglect other responsibilities. A gambler might consistently go over budget or accumulate debts. There can be a preoccupation with betting, continuous play to recover losses, or an inability to stop gambling despite adverse consequences.

Additionally, affected individuals may lose interest in former hobbies or activities. Psychological symptoms such as restlessness, irritability or depression might manifest. Notably, using gaming as a means to escape problems, lies about activities or conflicts with loved ones over gambling signifies issue escalation. Always remember that recognizing issue signs is the first step toward addressing gaming addiction.

Getting support

If you believe you’re developing a problem, Betandreas app fvprovides tools and resources to help. These include setting daily, weekly, or monthly deposit and wagering limits. You can also take a break for a specific period by choosing the ‘Self-Exclusion’ tool. The site collaborates with external organizations offering counseling, advice, practical help and support. Additionally, you can contact customer service should you need further assistance on responsible measures.

Restrictions for minors

Betandreas strictly prohibits underage gambling. The site implements stringent measures to prevent access to anyone under 18, as law mandates. In the registration process, gamblers from Bangladesh must confirm they are of legal age. Betandreas also carries out age verification checks and will suspend any account failing these checks. The casino encourages parental control measures to restrict access to minors, including filters such as ‘Net Nanny’ and ‘Cyber Patrol.’


What are daily wagering limits in Betandreas?

What are daily wagering limits in Betandreas?

These are restrictions on the amount a player can bet within 24 hours. You can set this limit in the account settings on Betandreas.

How does one activate the self-exclusion tool on Betandreas?

How does one activate the self-exclusion tool on Betandreas?

To activate self-exclusion, contact support and specify the period, and they shall implement it on your account.